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Eric Woodrum

Eric was born in Mullens, WV, graduated from Camp Zama Japan DOD High School. He received an Associate of Health Sciences degree from Kaplan University. He served proudly as a Combat Medic and retired as a 1SG from the Military in 2013 after 24 years of dedicated service.

Denice was born in Houston, TX, graduated from Trinity High School, Trinity,TX. She served as a paraprofessional in Special Education, Art, and P.E. Teacher. She graduated from Career Point College with her Licensed Vocational Nursing in 2012.
They are blessed with 5 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 son in laws. Daughter Katharine and Israel Gutierrez with two girls, Emily and Mia. Daughter Hannah and Ben Vega with three girls, Akira, Isabell, and Emily. Son Mathew Hatfield with two boys, Noah and Kyllian. Daughters Meghan Woodrum and Rebecca Hatfield.
They both Love the outdoors, camping, fishing, wood working as well as other individual crafts and crocheting. We also enjoy time with our 3 dogs Jayke and Olivia which are large yellow and black labs and Dallas a much smaller mix breed. Of course, they are all lap dogs!!