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Qperation Christmas Child

Project Leader: Raquel Brock

Dear Friends,

 Each shoebox you pack helps a local church around the world tell a child about Jesus, God’s Greatest Gift. Many of them will grow in their faith and learn how to tell friends and family about Him through our discipleship program called The Greatest Journey.

In a new initiative, we are going island to island in the Pacific to take the Gospel to a half a million children over the next few years, as part of our commitment to “proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15, ESV).

In sending the Gospel to the ends of the earth, we are also sharing God’s Word with dozens of unreached people groups and going to hard-to-reach places to make His Name known.

This has resulted in more than 2 million children making decisions for Christ and over 1,000 churches being started in one year! For example, there’s now a church in a remote village in Namibia among the Himba unreached people group.

“Before we had never heard of Jesus,” said Pastor Kuyelia, leader of the new church. “Now, we have abandoned witch doctors and seek God alone in prayer and worship.”

We’re thankful for all those who have faithfully prayed for Operation Christmas Child, a Samaritan’s Purse project. You can join us in packing shoeboxes so that more children in the remote corners of the world can hear the Good News of the Gospel. May God bless you.


Savvy shoebox packers know that it’s never too early to start shopping, packing, personalizing, and fundraising for shoebox gifts. By preparing shoebox gifts all year long, you can send the Good News of Jesus Christ and the great joy of receiving an Operation Christmas Child shoebox to more boys and girls around the world! Use this year-round guide to maximize your impact for the Gospel.

                                               “If you start purchasing items for the box in January, by November you have made a nice Christmas box.”

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Shoebox Gift Suggestions by Age and Gender 

  August 2021  
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